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October 17th, 2009, 08:39 AM
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The evening before last I noticed that my tummy was tender to the touch right around my belly button. I thought maybe the baby was just sitting outwards more or something. Then yesterday I woke up and overnight I developed this "rash" all around my belly button and it spread down towards my groin. And below my naval hurt the worst and my pores are HUGE. It hurt just to have clothing lightly rub against it. So I called my dr.'s office and the nurse scheduled me to come in and speak to the dr. about it.

He looked at it and said at first he thought it was cellulitis (skin infection) but he didn't see a point of entry where the infection could have originated from so he ruled that out. He really couldn't tell me what it is but he could tell that it was extremely tender to touch, inflammed and irritated. So he prescribed me some oral antibiotics to take for a few days and he still wants me to keep my original appt. this Monday and check it again. He said ultimately the best thing for it would be delivery so that the baby is not putting all of that pressure on that area. He asked me if I had ever considered induction and even told me I could go ahead and schedule it then if I wanted. I told him I really wanted to avoid an induction if I could help it but that I wasn't against having my membranes stripped to jumpstart labor. I told him with my son I had my membranes stripped and then I had him two days later. He seemed surprised by that so he told me that if the antibiotics aren't really helping by Monday then he will strip my membranes and go from there. But if it's starting to clear up then he told me I can wait a bit longer if I want and see if I go into labor naturally. I guess I'm just looking at it like there must be a reason Noah if still inside me and I really wanted him to be born closer to Halloween but that really is a stupid reason to want to continue being pregnant..esp. if I'm in this much pain. The whole area just hurts...I swear just looking at it makes it hurt. Turning over in the bed at night is a painful challenge everytime and so it sitting down/standing up. I can't even wear pants because anything that touches that area causes pain.

Anyway - that's my little update. I suppose I may have my little guy next week sometime!!

ETA: I forgot mention that he also checked me and I am still at 3 cm. So no progress there. LOL

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