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October 18th, 2009, 05:33 PM
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I knew for quite awhile when I'd have my c/section and keeping that a secret was hard!
A couple of days before we got a call that it was pushed back from 8am to noon. It seemed like torture!!
So, the night before I went in, we took the girls to my Moms and then went to dinner with just the two of us. It was a nice end to my pregnancy. All during dinner I had contractions 2-4 minutes apart and wasn't sure if we'd make it until morning.
However, we did. lol That night neither DH or I slept. We laid down at 11pm and were up at 2am and finally decided to get out of bed at 3am and just watch some tv, hoping to get tired and go back to didn't happen. lol
We had to be at the hospital at 10am and got ready, finished packing my bags and doing last minute stuff and then we left.
We got there, I got hooked up to the monitors and instantly it picked up my contractions, a steady 2 minutes apart.
I got my IV and then we just waited....and waited and waited....and waited.
At about 11:30 a nurse came in and said the antistegiologist had an emergency and was pushing back my c/section until 1pm. I about cried, I was so upset and just wanted to get things done!
My contractions were still a steady 2 minutes apart and my awesome Dr came in and said, These are painful right? You're in labor and can't wait any longer, right? I said.. Uh huh.. and she said, ok then.. I'll call down and tell the antistegiologist to get up here now! lol She rocks!
The antistegiologist came in and wanted to discuss antistesia with me. I told him right away that I did NOT want a spinal due to my previous failure with one and spinal headaches. However, with him and my Dr against me.. I was doomed. I started crying but agreed to a spinal for the safety of Abby. I was wheeled into the OR and got onto the OR table and waited for my spinal. Omg, I was so nervous I could not stop shaking. I looked like I was having a seizure!
So, finally the time came for the spinal and I about peed I was so nervous! However... my genious and aweome antistegiologist rocked it and got it first try, no issues and as pain free as possible. I told him he was awesome and rocked! lol My Dr told me not to inflate his ego.
After I went numb and passed the tests I told the antistegiologist I loved him! LMAO DH said.. HEY!
So DH was sitting by me and I was FREAKING out waiting to feel something and the machines were going INSANE!! The antistegiologist was trying to get me to calm down, I was hyperventilating and seriously every monitor in there was going insane!!
Finally he told dh to stand up, he'd be able to see all Abby's hair. I said... They already cut, it's opened??? DH and the antistegiologist cracked up and said yes, about 7 minutes ago! Well wth didn't they say that??? I calmed down instantly and all the machines stopped beeping and everyone cracked up! All was fine in my world then. LOL So finally they pulled her out, 9 minutes after the incision and she cried that sweet cry and I saw her over the curtain.... Beautiful and SMALL! I couldn't believe how little she was and I was so proud of myself!
When they yelled out her weight, I cried! It's hard work growing small baby with diabetes but I did it!! She was perfect and safe and beautiful!
I was also having my tubes tied and my Dr asked once more if I was sure before doing it. I said yes, 100% and she said it was a good idea because I had so much scar tissue it was attaching to organs and caused a big mess. It took her quite awhile to straighten it all up and close me up.
I got to hold Abby while being wheeled out. I didn't get to do that when I was put under, so I was so happy my spinal took.
They checked Abby's sugar levels and they were perfect but they had to continue it for 4 feedings just to be sure and each one was perfect.
I got to go home not even 48 hours after having her.

Oh... oh oh... how could I forget this...
My first morning after the c/section I got up out of bed and put on the fashionable mesh panties and laid on the thick pads on the bed. Later I started complaining my butt hurt and everyone just assumed it was because I had been in one position so long. I was in AGONY!!! So, all through that day into that night.. DH had to go home because our oldest had school the next day and I laid in bed and CRIED because my butt hurt so bad. I touched my butt and thought it was strange that my hand felt wet. So the next morning when DH got there, he helped me shower and said OMG!!! My entire butt was blood red with a horrid rash all over it and BLEEDING! Apparently I was allergic to whatever they washed those thick bed pads in and I had CHEMICAL burn on my arse. It's still so nasty looking and now super itchy and arse better return to normal or I'll be P.O.ed!!!!

Ok... the end..

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