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October 18th, 2009, 11:26 PM
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I have never temped or charted but have been thinking about it and was wondering if some of you ladies could give me some info!

I am breastfeeding (6 months now) and most nights I am up at least every 3 hours with Natalie. And a lot of times even when she is sleeping I'm laying in bed unable to sleep. My sleep is rare and random. I read that it's important to get several hours of sleep before testing and to test at the same time. What do I do when several hours isn't an option? I also hate to set an alarm to make sure I wake up at the exact same time every day because with my sleep being so messed up as it is I don't want to interrupt the little I do get.

Another question... I know cervical checking is not required, but I have always checked it now and then to get an idea where I'm at in my cycle. I have not had af yet since having Natalie but have had some spotting and a lot of random heavy cervical mucous. Is it normal to be super high, soft, and open considering no af yet? I don't have anything to compare to since I haven't been checking since Natalie was born. I don't know if I just so happen to be ovulating, if it's breastfeeding related, or if this is just the way the "new me" feels after having a baby?

Thanks for anyone who has any input! I'm looking forward to learning more about this!
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