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October 19th, 2009, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Neads View Post
Thanks for the info! That helps a lot!

So if go with the temp route, would I be able to get accurate results if I only slept for 1 hour before I took my temp? Like if I was in and out of bed all night with broken sleep and slept 1 straight hour before temping in the morning.
The only way to know is to try it and just see if 1 hour is enough to see a thermal shift. It could still be some time before you ovulate though and temps only tell you after the fact that ovulation has occurred. In the meantime, it will be really important to understand your cervical mucus because that's the signal that tells you whether you're fertile or infertile each day.

Originally Posted by Neads View Post
I'm really nervous that I will get inaccurate results or mess up somehow. It couldn't hurt to try though... right now we have been NTNP which is making me nervous because I'm not ready for a 2nd yet! I can't take hormone bc and we are horrible with condoms. I need to find a method that will work for us.
If you're nervous and it's really important for you to avoid pregnancy right now, then I highly recommend learning a clinically verified method of NFP from a teacher. It's not impossible to teach yourself, but it's a lot harder that way and the pregnancy rate is higher for couples who are self-taught.

Originally Posted by Neads View Post
How do you get a teacher? What is required? Does it cost something?
It all depends on which method of NFP you want to learn. You can check through the Resource Sticky to learn about the different kinds. There are online courses and a few of the ladies here have done them. There are also live classes and home study courses. Ladies here have done those too. You could also PM me your location and I can check to see what options exist in your area.

There is usually a one time fee for training, but most NFP teachers will waive their fee if you can't afford it. They'll just charge for the materials. The fees and cost of materials are different depending on which method it is.
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