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October 21st, 2009, 10:45 AM
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I weaned Kirsty about 6 weeks ago, up until then she refused every bottle & cup on the market. Then overnight she just accepted her bottle and we haven't looked back. I nursed Kirsty to sleep every naptime and nighttime waking until she was 6ish months when she accepted her soother! This allowed me to feed her, then put her in her cot awake with her dummy and she'd settle off for a sleep by herself.

In my experience with Kirsty, she wont take formula from her "water cup"... it may be worth while one she is used to water in the nuby, to invest in a completely seperate, different cup to try her with milk in? You might not want to try these things, or you might try to adapt them to suit you and your little girl, and that's perfectly fine. You need to do what is right for you and your sweet girl.

Does she take a soother? That may help for naptimes. Or a lovie? Favourite blanket? If she doesn't use anything like this, perhaps try to introduce one? Just so she has something to replace the comfort of you nursing her for naptimes? Does she nurse to sleep or just nurse before sleeping? Does she fall asleep on you or in her cot?

If she nurses to sleep, it will be hard work to break this but it's not impossible! I would start with bedtime as she will be more tired, and nurse until just before she is asleep, cuddle her and use the same sleep cue phrase - ours is "sleepy time, darling", I whisper it in Kirsty's ear before laying her down with her soother and her blanket.

If you are like me, and are concerned about her having a blanket in her crib (kirsty used to have a moses basket sized blanket, until I went to check her one day during her nap and she had it wrapped around her head ) Now I give her a muslin square which I knot in the middle. She can't do any damage with it!

Weaning from the breast... the way I was advised to do this by my Health Visitor, was to pick one feed per day and offer Kirsty her feed from a bottle (cup in your case), give her BM to begin with. I was to offer the bottle, and if she refused, leave it 30minutes and re-offer, leave 30minutes and re-offer, and do this until her next feed is due - she will either continue to refuse, whereby the next feed would be a BF, or accept and still, the next feed is a BF.

After a week I was to do this for 2 feeds, but not consecutive feeds, so she has a break and a "normal" feed inbetween them. I hope this makes sense, but if it doesn't, feel free to question me

Kirsty was on 4 daytime feeds when I weaned so I was to do this as a 4 week process, dropping 1 BF per week, replacing with a bottle. However, Kirsty decided to wean overnight and just took 100% BFs one day and 100% bottles the next. The bottles were a mix of formula/BM for 2 days then I gave 100% formula.

Once you have your LO used to BM in the cup, slowly decrease the amount of BM and subsitute that amount with formula, until you reach 100% formula.

(just an afterthought... I keep saying formula, but if it's cow's milk you are going to use, then you know I mean cow's milk rather than formula?! I only had this thought after my posting!!)
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