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October 21st, 2009, 01:20 PM
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What is her bedtime routine like? Do you have set order you do certain things so she knows it is the build up to bed?

You could try changing it slightly little by little to break that part of bedtime. Say for example, you do bath, BF, bed... you could do half BF, bath, half BF, bed for a while. Then perhaps introduce a story before the second half BF so she may learn to give up the BFing part easier, and you could give her milk in her cup before bed whilst you do storytime.

This part of the weaning process was my biggest fear! We do the same bedtime routine each night, quiet play downstairs after dinner, bath with songs, whilst getting dried/PJs on we only whisper so it's very quiet, she has a cuddle with daddy, bottle from me, cuddle and bed.

Sometimes it's difficult to break a habbit you know works! KUP on how things go, I hope you stick around and post with us!
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