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October 22nd, 2009, 03:24 PM
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I know a lot of you from the NCB board I think. But I figured I'd post a little intro anyways.

I'm Shelley, married to Dae and mommy to Lily (14.5 months). I delivered Lily at a hospital but with no meds/interventions. I'm about 16.5 weeks pregnant with Baby #2 and we've decided to do a home birth this time. I met with the midwives for a consultation today and I love them! The hard part was getting DH to agree because our insurance covers all prenatal care/hospital delivery in full but will pay nothing towards the midwives' care/delivery. But he eventually came around and decided it's worth it to just have the baby at home this time. He had no issues with safety questions since all of his siblings and himself were delivered at home back in Korea.

So, I'm super excited and really happy about this. My midwives are leaving for Africa next week for 2 months to do midwifery work. I had a choice between seeing a midwife who is going to take over their practice while they are gone or continuing to see my OB until they return around Christmas. I chose to see my OB since she's a former home birth midwife and really great anyways. But after my appt with them in January I will be completely in their care!

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