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October 23rd, 2009, 10:26 AM
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Carrie, I researched CMV after you mentioned it being the cause of Eli's death. My understanding is that it is like other herpes viruses (such as chicken pox) and you are infected for life. You can have a succesful pregnancy without complications though becuase most problems associated with it are if you have your initial infection during pregnancy. Once you have it thought your blood will always show up as you being infected. The important thing is whether or not you are having a flair-up or not.

I really feel bad relaying this information because I don't want to make you worry more, but I felt that you have the right to know.
You are correct, you have it for life but once you have it the first time, your bodies builds up antibodies that make you more immune to it. So, they are testing my blood to see if those antibodies are there or not and to see how strong the CMV is. If the tests come back showing the CMV being weak that is a good thing and will mean that I have a much lower risk of having it cause problems in pregnancy.
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