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October 25th, 2009, 01:35 PM
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Some random questions::

Where were you born (state)? --GA
Do you play an instrument?--flute
Have you ever sky dived or bungee jumped? Would you?--no and maybe bungee jump
What is your dream job?--SAHM lol
What do you daydream about?--my wedding day
Do you drive fast or slow?--not at all lol
What are you afraid of?--frogs! yuck
Have you been out of the country? Where?--yes, Germany
Do you talk too much?--at times
How often do you cry?-- at least once a month
What was your favorite subject in school?---english
What are some things that annoy you?--complainers, whiners,and liars
Have you ever fired a gun?-- yeah
Do you keep a journal?--yeah
Have you ever run away from home when you were little?--threatened to lol
Are you a rule follower?-- eh, yeah i guess lol
Whats a good family number? (how many people)- 4.5
Do you like rollercoasters?--no
What did you look for in a S/O? -- someone that understands me
Does your current partner match the description??--yeah for the most part

Three things::

Three things you like most about yourself:--truthfulness, energy, and determination
Three things you would change about yourself:gullibility, depression, and confusion
Three things you LOVE about your S/O: makes me laugh, great in bed, stablity
Three things you love to smell:AXE, ds after baths lol, cherry blossom soap

Either or ::

Truth or Dare?truth
Mountain or beach?beach
Sunrise or sunset?sunset
Shy or outgoing?shy
Cats or dogs?dogs
Perfume or soap?perfume
One pillow or two:two
Book or movie?movie
Windows or AC?ac
Kisses or hugs?kisses while hugging lol
Chocolate or peanut butter?chocolate
Inside or outside?inside
Piercings or tattoos?piercings
Moon or sun? sun

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