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October 26th, 2009, 04:57 PM
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It was hard on us in the beginning and will probably be hard on us again when we finally have another baby. I don't think my DH ever really got used to it (I was on the pill 6 years before I went off it and NTNP/not really charting and ended up with my son). When I was on the pill I never wanted to DTD! It is much better since I had my son.

When I was first learning it was imperative we were super careful (my son was a baby, breastfeeding, and finances were tight) so I think that helped to remind me that we weren't ready for another baby so soon. And actually when we began TTC #2 we weren't going to start that month but I told DH I was fertile and unless he wanted to start TTC that month we had to wait and apparently he wanted to start TTC! LOL

OT - Kelly - I have a friend that had decreased libido so much that they never did anything anymore. She went to a doctor with a whole list of symptoms and they tested her thyroid. You can still have thyroid problems if you are in the low range (her numbers were "normal" but the doctor put her on some meds for thyroid problems and things are getting better for her). It's worth looking into if you want to see if you can get that libido back.

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