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October 30th, 2009, 12:30 PM
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First an apology, when I say OMG, I'm literally saying the letters like "O M G" is how I say it, so I don't even think of it being offensive, cuz I'm obviously not gunna call God "G" so to me it isn't saying what it is to other, so I'm sorry if it is offensive for anyone...

Anyway, so the ads on top are currently "ads by google" it says, and so they like check your ip and then relate it to the it is related to both Las Vegas and just mommies stuff for me...and somehow right now something inspired it to give me one titled "Aborition Las Vegas" that is so not what I want to see on the top of my screen... It is on the side two, I have 7 ads showing and 2 of them are called "Abortion Las Vegas" That is so freakin' wonderful I just had to share...

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