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October 30th, 2009, 12:36 PM
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*Nov-dec 2009/2010 plans& events*

nov-praying to conceive&relaxing til i get it together emotionally.
9&10 1 year since m/c of my twins.

16-1 month of my ttc break
18-8 months that my mom in law has been in Heaven.
22&29my nephews charlie&Lorenzo 14 months
23&25thbro& sisters bdays.

praying to conceive&relaxing til i get it together emotionally.
4-my 29th birthday
5-my bros bday, day after mine.
16-2 months of my ttc break
dec18th-9 months that my mom in law has been in Heaven.
dec 22-remembering my mom in law on her was birthday.
22&29my nephews charlie and Lorenzo 15 months.
dec25th-Happy Bday Jesus!
30-bro&bro in law's bday.

Jan-1 year with J.M.
Happy New Year 1-1-2010(my dad is getting married to Stella.(his 2nd marriage to be)
5th-my sister's 17th bday
16sisterinlaw's bday. she turns 15.
16-3 months of my ttc break
18-10 months that my mom in law has been in Heaven.
25th-sis in law's bday
22&29my nephews Charlie& Lorenzo turn 16 months.

8th-dh turns 27
16-4 months of my ttc break
18-my dad's bday
18-mom in law been in Heaven for 11 months.
22&29my nephews charlie&Lorenzo turn 17 month.

16-5 months of my ttc break
18-1 year that mom inlaw has been in Heaven.
my nephews charlie&Lorenzo turn 18 months.
29-my sister's bday.

9th-2 years that dh and I have been living with b.i.l. his wife and their son.
12-bro&his wife been married 8 years.(we want them to get back together if they want)
13th-I have been baptized 6 years.
16-6 months of my ttc break
22&29th my nephews charlie&Lorenzo turn 19 months.

16-7 months of my ttc break
22-my mom's bday.
24-dh& I's 8 year wedding anniversary(this is how long dh's parents were married before they divorced) so this is/will be a huge mile stone for us. looking at his parent's history.
22&29th my nephews Charlie& Lorenzo turn 20 months.

7th my bro's bday.
11-my twins would of been 1 years old.
16-8 months of ttc break
24th-dadinlaw's bday
22&29th my nephew's Charlie&Lorenzo turn 21 months.
29-my inlaws celebrate their 7 years wedding anniversary.

4th-my sis in law's bday
my nephews turn 22 months.
16-9 months of ttc break
29-1 year with the gym.

16-10 months of ttc break
22&29 my nephews turn 23 months.

1-2 years that dh& I wanted to try to get preggo
7-bro&his wife married 2 years.
4th-baby sister's 16th bday
16-11 months of ttc break
22nd-my nephew charlie turns 2 years old.
25th-sis inlaw turns 30.
29-my nephew Lorenzo turns 2 years old.

16-1 year of ttc break

brother& sister's bday

4 I turn 30.
5-brother's bday.
22-remembering my mom in law on her was bday.
25-Jesus's Bday.
30bro&bro inlaws bday.

Last AF 9-15-16


Isaiah 25:8And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us

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