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October 31st, 2009, 12:20 PM
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I think he is opening his mouth way too soon. Especially seeing as how he is going against his previous word on an issue that is hugely important in marriage. Trust me...I know what it's like, just not in the baby arena.

But anyways...I think since you JUST had a live baby, dealing with all of the newborn stress and after watching you go through a loss and then a difficult pregnancy he is feeling overwhelmed by the idea of another pregnancy. I think if you tell him about how he has suddenly changed his mind and that you have not and that you aren't saying HEY LET'S TRY AGAIN RIGHT NOW just saying you want to try different contraception and when you guys conceive again you conceive again he can think it through another time. I would also make it very clear you have not changed your mind...and that you do want another 2 babies (or however many you would like). And explain to him that losing Keagan really played a role in your deciding you want more than one child.

One of you will have to compromise but I sort of think he just changed his mind recently probabaly because he suddenly thinks it'd be too stressful. But if you haven't gotten pregnant again from your accident by the time you conceive again things will have calmed down and he may be more apt to return to his old decision, kwim?

I agree with you though...I've always wanted 4 or 5 kids and I still do especially after losing Roald.
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