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November 1st, 2009, 12:36 PM
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I will be the first to tell you my story. I was a 16 years old and honestly felt like I didn't have anyone that just cared about me at home. So I started going out with friends and meeting up with guys and partying and just having a good time, or so I thought. I started sneaking out the house when my moms friend came over b/c I guess I felt like since he was in the picture I was pretty much out. The guy told me he loved me and cared about me and this is truly what I was needing b/c I didn't feel it from anyone else. I ended up getting pregnant and my boyfriend was the first one I told. He was there with me during the pregnancy. I stayed in school and my grades dropped tremendously b/c I was tired all the time and sick and missed alot of school. i missed my cap and gown pics, my senior trip and best of all I missed have a great time at my prom. All b/c I got pregnant way too soon. When I finally had my son, my world changed. I was better than what I had ever been before. I was more responsible, had stopped hanging with my friends and focused more on my life, my son and my education. My boyfriend that promised he would be there to the end told me that he had started doing cocaine so right then and there I let the relationship go b/c my son came first to me and I knew I would never have that around him. So from then on. all my friends that I hung so tight with and said they loved me so much turned their backs on me and were nowhere to be found when my son was up crying at night and when I was soo tired that I was crying along with him. It was just so unreal to me. But it allowed me to open my eyes and to look at the real world. I went to college and this was hard but I graduated and I know my son was very proud of me. I lost out on my fun after high school. This was something I dealt with that hurt me alot of my life after having my son but then after I started thinking about it. I asked myself did I truly miss out on my childhood or did my son save me from doing things that could have hurt my future worst then getting pregnant? I know the answer My son is now 9 years old and he is an excellent child, very intelligent, straight A student that knows what he wants in life. Many people told me that I was making the wrong decision in having a child but you know what. People only know what they think they don't know what to be true, b/c they have never been in that situation. I have found out that God blessed me with my son at an early age b/c he saw the road that I was following and nobody could stop me, so he brought about my beautiful innoccent baby boy and he blessed my soul. If I had it to do all over again I wouldn't change a thing.
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