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November 2nd, 2009, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by scubagirl80 View Post
I know! I'm so excited that they did this! I totally miss ttcma's how I got through treatments with my sanity!

Congrats on almost being 30 weeks I consider that one really huge milestone! How's everything going for you/how are you feeling?

I'm due Feb 5/6 and wish time would hurry up a bit! I'm not complaining, this pregnancy has been great so far, but I just want to meet our baby girl

We have have our bumps in the road this pregnancy. We were originally pregnant with twins and lost one at 10 weeks. I had pretty bad nausea up until I lost the twin. Since then, things have been great! Although, I had my glucose last week and failed it. So I got to do the 3 hour glucose today, hopefully that comes back ok. I am really not a good person to have GD! I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever! I make sure I eat really well so he gets his nutrients but momma has to get her fix too!! LOL! Hopefully I will get those results tomorrow!

When are you having your baby shower? Mine is the 14th and the 15th. I can't wait!! I am so excited to see all the little baby stuff!! Although, we are living with my mom because our house sold and we haven't found anythings else that we like. So I have to nursery to get ready!!! I want to do a nursery sooooo bad! Oh well, hopefully we will find something before he arrives.

I'm with you, I can't wait to meet our lil man!! Sad thing is, we haven't decided on a name yet!!! Poor guy! I have a feeling I won't know what his name will be until I see him. KWIM?

I can't believe in 10 weeks or so I will be holding my lil man

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