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November 3rd, 2009, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Patricia ♥ View Post
I'm the same but I don't like to advertise it because I don't need people telling me what a horrible person I am for thinking it's wrong.
Im pro choice and I would NEVER tell a woman she is wrong for being pro life. I can understand how its a hot button topic though, its a very touchy thing. I cant believe anyone would actually say you are wrong about it. I really dont understand it.

My hot button is the H1N1. It REALLY bugs me how the media is saying protect yourself, get the shot like every 5 mins on every radio staion. NOT ONE WORD about how to strengthen your immune system to prevent getting sick, or get better faster and improve your overall health!!! I hate how everyones acting like its the black plague too. I mean honestly though, people die from the normal flu, the only difference here really is that its advertised more. Im SO SICK of hearing about it. I mean, I've improved my immune system, Im in a college where there are 3000 first year students alone and H1N1 is flying around there like wildfire and I havent gotten sick. Guess I should get shot and stop improving my health

AND I hate how no one can put anything up in facebook about it, and how to improve your health, or the dangers of vaccines without someone attacking them and acting like they are the antichrist. Heres one my friend put up as her status and got blasted for it: "90 people get Swine Flu and everyone wants to start wearing a mask, over a million people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom."

And finally bad grammar, thats always been a huge annoyance for me

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