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November 3rd, 2009, 05:02 PM
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Hi there fellow moms!!

I read all the posts, some new, some pretty old. My 9 mo old daughter has had BO since she was about 3 mo old. I told my ped about it at our 4mo well visit. She wasn't very concerned, said i was probably passing my hormones through my breast milk, but noted it in her chart. I brought it up again at her 6mo vist, again she wasn't concerned but said she would do a little research on the matter. I had just stopped breastfeeding so we couldn't rule out the hormone thing. We just went to our 9 month visit last Friday, Oct30. The very first question my ped asked was, "does she still have body odor?" I said yes, she smelled her pits, and immediately ordered blood tests and said she was setting me up to see an endocronologist at Vanderbilt (i live in Nashville, TN) She also said based on the blood work she may want to do a scan of her ovaries. At this point it happened fairly quickly and in hind sight I wished I would have written down what she kept calling the blood test. I should know the results from the bloodwork on Thursday, Nov5th. Needless to say, I am freakin out a little bit. A small amount of "research" online will make you think your baby has an incurable disease that there is little hope for!!!! I will post my results as soon as I hear anything pertinent. Moms: you know your baby better than anyone. If your gut is telling you something, share it with your ped. No question is ever stupid when it comes to your child. Fingers crossed!
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