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November 4th, 2009, 01:10 AM
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So, it's never been much of an issue before, but now that my due date is fast approaching, I'm noticing a much bigger difference in my experience vs. the experience of many of the other moms in my DDC and how it maybe affects attitudes about due dates, baby's status, etc.

I haven't had a growth/size scan, had my cervix checked, had a NST, etc. Sometimes I think, geez, they get to know all this stuff about their baby, I'm jealous. But, then I see many get stressed out about those same figures or trying to interpret them and I'm definitely *not* jealous then.

I don't really have a point here and I'm not saying that type of care is wrong or bad, just that I think the difference in care/attitudes around 'due dates'/overall experience is more pronounced now in these last few weeks and a lot more noticeable.

I don't know, I guess now that delivery is getting really close, I'm feeling more distant from most of the other people in my DDC. I can't relate to what they're experiencing in terms of doctor frustrations, tests, etc., so I don't have much to offer or say.

That's all. I'll get over it. Just something I've been thinking about.
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