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November 4th, 2009, 10:58 AM
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So, still spotting today. So I decided to do a different kind of research in Google, and look for ways to make your period START. I'm trying as many of them as humanly possible. Here is a list of the ones I'm using, I'll update as I find out more - but if anybody else is waiting impatiently for AF, why not give a few of these a shot so we can be mildly more scientific? LOL

**Disclaimer - I don't know if any of these are actually harmful. Do your own research if you're worried. I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV - so take this advice as the copy/pasted Google research it is, not gospel.

Ginger or ginger tea - Definitely trying this one, I love ginger. Also said to help with nausea and cramping. Trying the tea, as well as adding ginger to lunch.

Accupressure - there are 3 pressure points you can use yourself that will apparently start your period.

The first one is in the webbing between your thumb and index finger. You'll feel a spot there that kind of feels like touching a bruise when you apply pressure (its right next to your index finger bone, where it joins with your thumb bone). Rub there for 30 seconds, wait a few minutes, and repeat until you get bored of it. (This is also said to induce labor, and help relieve pain from contractions - GOOD TO KNOW! ) This made me cramp up, maybe its working.

The second is on your back. Basically it is a fingers' width above the top of your bum-crack. You should feel a little indentation, along with the same "bruise-like" feeling. This did nothing but release some tension in my back.

The third is on your ankle. Start at that big ball that is your ankle bone on the inside of your ankle, and go up 4 finger widths. You should find a spot there with the same bruise like feeling, and maybe even an indent. Apply pressure for 30 seconds, release. Repeat. Everyone I saw who tried this got AF within a few hours, so it is definitely worth a shot (even one girl with PCOS and a totally unpredictable cycle.) So far it has made me really crampy, and kinda tired - hopefully thats a sign.

Parsley tea is apparently another option. I'm not sure of the recipe, you'll have to look it up.

Exercise, of course - just don't wear a tampon. Kind of like booking a vacation in what would be your third trimester with a non-refundable deposit, hoping you'll get pregnant. Except you stain your clothes. But otherwise, I think irony may have a real effect on our bodies and this one is worth a try. (The gravity of jumping up and down when running or walking makes a difference, too)

Orgasm (duh) - this only really works when you've pretty much already started, it just hasn't made its way out of the uterus yet. The contractions help the blood go out through the cervix faster, so you start your period.

Vitamin C - not trying this one, because I don't have any. Most say it doesn't work, some swear by it - don't know the exact dosage for this purpose so you'll have to research online.

Spend time around other women who just started AF. Not online, I mean IRL. Apparently when women menstruate and get together in the same room, the menstruating woman emits some sort of biochemical reaction that causes the other women with her to try and synchronize their cycles to hers, thus starting AF sooner. Has some scientific merit, actually - has been studied.

So there you have it - everything I've been able to find so far about making your period start.

Now lets hope ONE of these works, otherwise I'm calling the doc tomorrow to make my CD35 appointment to get provera. If I have to cancel, no biggie, but if I don't, at least I won't have to wait a week to get in.

Big huge hugz and thanks to tasha_mae for my beautiful siggy!

- and -
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