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November 4th, 2009, 12:11 PM
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Hi ladies. I've posted in here a few times and often lurk. My little one just turned a year old (Monday) and is sitting just over 14lbs. He was born 4lbs 1oz so he has more than tripled his birthweight. I've always been bothered by how small he was but just assumed that he would catch up. Well he met with the Gastroenteroligist at 11 months and had only gained 2oz in a month. He switched my son from formula to pediasure. He went back at 1 year and had gained NOTHING . The doctor started mentioning malnutrition and feeding tube and just really scared me. He has an endoscopy scheduled for this upcoming Monday and I'm really hoping for answers. He's also throwing up at least once a day....and I mean really throwing up, out his nose and mouth and dry heaving. I'm thinking it's b/c the pediasure is not thick enough...he was used to Enfamil AR.

Has anyone had similar experiences w/ their LO's? Anyone else's LO near 14lbs at one year?
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