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November 6th, 2009, 11:28 AM
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I roll my eyes at all the posts about growth ultrasounds and inductions because baby is big. No matter what others say about the margin of error for growth estimates late in pregnancy many still blindly believe it and trust it. I don't even bring up the ACOG discouraging or not recommending induction of labor due to suspected macrosomia or LGA baby because it would fall on deaf ears. Talking about the risks of unnecessary interventions is like speaking in a foreign language.

I sometimes bring up evidence based practice and research and it goes way over many heads. Either that or it gets ignored.

I don't really have anything in common with folks in my DCCs. There's one other mama planning a homebirth. There are a handful of moms planning homebirths in another group I'm in. I'm not mainstream and I'm pretty much the dissenting voice and my approach to many topics is very matter-of-fact. I'm not overly fluffy and post topics about every ache and pain or every appt. So it's definitely not a place where I fit in, but it is very active.

The atmosphere on JM is very different than other crunchy places like mothering. I'm just not seeing a lot of educated and informed choices. I see a lot of misconceptions and just general ignorance in areas that should be common sense.
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