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November 10th, 2009, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by LuxAeterna View Post
The atmosphere on JM is very different than other crunchy places like mothering. I'm just not seeing a lot of educated and informed choices. I see a lot of misconceptions and just general ignorance in areas that should be common sense.
I agree with parts of this. I do think that the atmosphere is different than other boards. I don't think its a negative thing though. IN previous pregnancies of mine I joined another more crunchy board that will be nameless... and posted an introduction thread, and do you know how many people welcomed me in the DDC? 3. Thats it, 3 other mamas. I was so upset and surprised. Never have I seen an introduction thread on a DDC here not have AT LEAST 15 replies. People here are more welcoming, IMO. I also posted a question thread on this unnamed board when I was going through a nursing strike with my daughter. I was told point blank to do a search for nursing strikes in other topics, since it had been discussed before no one wanted to answer my questions. Just not the vibe I was looking for I guess.

I do agree that JM can be more mainstream than crunchy at times, but i also think that JM is what you make of it. This board and a handful of others are certainly more crunchy and you'll see the same names posting on them all, so you kinda get that group feeling that you may feel like you are missing by not joining a DDC.

I've joined my DDCs before, in fact hosted 2 of them, and I found that by sharing my own views and research that I actually helped some other mama's to question their doctors, change to midwives and even have out of the hospital births. Of course I wasn't the reason they did it, but I feel like by sharing our knowledge to others that we may help other women increase their knowledge, know what i mean?

Originally Posted by Cheryl33 View Post
being the host of the NCB board, it does sometimes feel like we are the black sheep of the JM family or something. I do wonder why I didn't join the mothering boards. I guess I didn't know about Mothering until after I was settled in here. I used to check out diaperswappers a lot too, it's funny being in an atmosphere where I feel less crunchy instead of more crunchy than the other people!

I certainly don't consider anyone here or anyone "crunchy" to be the black sheep of JM...

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