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November 11th, 2009, 08:26 PM
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But I had 2 children as a teenager.

I have my first, Kylie, when I was 16 (my husband was 19), and my 2nd, Aaden, when I was 19 (Kris was 21).

When I concieved Kylie, it was obviously unplanned.
Her father and I are still together, married 4 years, and have not broken up once.

She is a Valentine's Day baby and a "virginity" baby.
She was concieved Valentines Day 2003 and that was also the day her father and I lost our virginities.

Her birth went quite smoothly, but it was long. Born @ 5:22am, after 19 hours of labor.

Aaden was WAY unplanned. I was on the pill, and I had taken the plan B pill the morning after.
I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was almost 9 weeks.

His birth was quick, but stressful. I went in @ 5pm and he popped out @ 7:35pm.
My water broke in my husband's car (he was such a guy when he looked down at the water on the floor and went "Gross") and I thought I was going to deliever in the waiting room because no one in the ER was assisting us. It took Kris screaming in a receptionist's face to get me a room (that wasn't even a private room).
It was a nightmare.

So to all you teen moms, good luck.

Your choices
Your attitude
Your life

A teen pregnancy does not, and should not, determine the outcome of your life. Or even your lifestyle!
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