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November 12th, 2009, 01:26 PM
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I'm so fustrated! I finally decided to address my issues with my doctor at my yearly appointment last week and she diagnosed me with depression. I've been struggling with this since a little after my first daughter was born and it took me well over a year to even consider that it could be depression. The past few months, things have gotten worse, to the point that I knew I HAD to get help. So I sucked it up and asked for help. The doctor sent in someone from the hospital to do an initial evaluation and she recommeded I try a partial hospitalization program there. It sounds like it would be a big help, but my insurance won't cover anything until we hit our deductible, which is still a few thousand dollars. We're struggling financially as it is, we just can't afford it.

So where do I go from here? She didn't prescribe me anything, but said she felt I will need something to help me get out of this. I think she was just assuming that I would do the partial hospitalization, which includes seeing a psychiatrist and getting medication if you need it. After a few phone calls, I finally found a psychiatrist in my area that I can see. It feels strange to even consider seing a psychiatrist, it makes me feel like I'm crazy Who else would be a good for dealing with depression? Do I need to go to a psychiatrist to get medication if I need it? I always assumed your regular doctor prescribed medication for depression and you would see a counselor on the side if you felt it was necessary. Help! I feel so lost and confused with what I should do!
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