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November 13th, 2009, 04:17 PM
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My SIL who was very hb positive, seems to have changed her tune today. She says to me as I run in to pick up my records from one of my C/S for my m/w. She says why don't you just go to a hospital. That way you can rest without the kids! Wow I thought she knew me better. They have tried to drug me and still I don't sleep or relax in the hospital. Then she says what about your bed? You will need to get... I didn't let her finish. I said a Birth kit? I got that handled. My m/w has a company that she works with. I said and besides I am going with a water birth. She proceeds to tell me about the dog, got it covered he's going to the kennel. A super protective 100lb German Sheppard that would bite anybody that came near me is not my idea of a good labor buddy! LOL. Then she tells me that my m/w will make me lock up my cats for 2 days. This is just Joanna's way of saying I shouldn't do this. She says what are you going to do with the kids, because they will end up hating the baby if they see how much pain you are in! Then I also get to hear about which of her kids had meconium, and that midwives don't have suction to get it out of the lungs, and to make sure that she carries the antibotics that you must give them. 1) if we get into trouble the hospital is 6 blocks away, 2) are we in the dark ages??? Come on like I am stupid. I wouldn't put myself or my baby in any kind of risk. She has told me that she has had NCB with all of her's. No she has had really easy vaginal births. She has had pit and epidurals, with all of them!
She just doesn't seem to realize that I have more risk of not only a rcs and the subsequent problems, but the drugs that they push on you, even my rupture rate goes up in a hospital. Why doesn't anybody see that I want a safe healthy birth in my safe comfortable home. She also told me that my m/w and doula would encourage the children to basically be up my butt right up until the end. I have the kids covered, I have the dogs covered, I trust my midwife, I trust my body and I will trust my birth! Get over it and just mommy the support she need people.

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