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November 16th, 2009, 08:00 AM
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A warning on the celery seed... it's nasty. (As Cheryl will attest to. ) It's also very likely to cause you some serious gastrointestinal issues. Much like the vitamin C. If you have low blood pressure then you'll want to avoid the celery seed as it is also used to relax and dilate the blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure. Handy for those with hypertension, deadly for those with hypotension (like myself). If you have an active kidney infection/stones/other inflammation then you want to avoid celery seed. Also, if you are on blood thinners for anything, avoid celery seed... once again, it could be deadly. Also, make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen as celery seed can make you extra sensitive to the sun. Also avoid if you're on water pills. Celery seed is a diuretic and can cause you to dehydrate.

And actually, you probably want to observe the same precautions with parsley as it's also a diuretic. I'm not 100% positive but I think it has the same chemicals as celery seed, which means it would affect the body the same. I know they are both used for treating the same things.

With either tea, crush a teaspoon of celery seeds (or drop in about a teaspoon of parsley, fresh or dried), steep for 20 minutes, drink 3x a day.

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BAM I was just thinking of you!!! 9 days left, COME ON Bella!!!!!!!
The ways she's acting, we maybe heading for induction. All early labour has stopped and I can't really do anything to trigger it as I'm pretty much bed-ridden due to the SPD. Hubby's family is flying in from England the 24th, I'm due the 25th so hopefully the doc will induce me 27th-ish. We see him again Friday so I'll ask him then about induction dates.

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