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November 16th, 2009, 11:57 AM
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Okay, I am toying with the idea of a homebirth. I have thought about doing one before, but dh is adamantly opposed to it. My last 4 births have been for the most part unmedicated with a CMN in a hospital. I am currently ttc and have had 3 losses. I have loved my midwife in the past, but the way I have been treated through these losses has left me angry and upset with my care. When I called to get my hcg levels and talk about why I am m/c their immediate suggestion was that I go on birth control pills for 2 months. I want a doctor/midwife who can respect my religious beliefs, who can support my family size, and who is understanding and caring to my physical and emotional beliefs. As I started my search for a new doctor or midwife this lead me to thinking about homebirth again. My dh is still opposed to it. I tried talking to him and made little headway. He did listen and was caring and all that, but he still is opposed to it. I keep thinking though that a homebirth midwife will be more likely to fall into the criteria I listed above - respecting my religious view points, not pushing bcps on me, respecting my family size, and supporting my care both physically and emotionally. Now, onto all my questions and concerns.

1. My husband is completely and totally opposed to this. How do I get him on board? This is probably number 1.

2. Hemorrhaging. I have hemorrhaged after 3 of my births and my first m/c. After my dd was born I bleed so badly that I was just gushing every where. They had to give me several different medications before the bleeding stopped. I could hardly stand up and walk around for a week afterwards and was short of breath and it was just an awful feeling. With Leo, my last pregnancy I had an IV hooked up. (With Megan I had no IV or any interventions until I started hemorrhaging.) With Leo I insisted on an IV and meds to stop bleeding I had them give the very second he was born. I did not hemorrhage with him and I am sure all the meds I had on board made a difference because he was 10+ lbs.

Do midwives that deliver at home have access to meds for hemorrhaging? And how do they manage that. I am not far from a hospital, but bleeding to death is not something I am interested in doing.

3. Gestational Diabetes - I had gestational diabetes with Leo and he had some health concerns after birth. He wound up being over 10lbs even with medication. I did not do a very good job taking care of myself or taking my diet & nutrition seriously with him so this may be something preventable with good nutrition, but at the same time I have 2 children with type 1 diabetes. I am not sure that I can completely manage this without medication.

4. Pain management - I have had my last 4 without an epidural and virtually medication free. I did have a local anesthetic applied to my cervix, but that's it. Other than Leo I managed okay, but he was so big and his birth was so hard and painful I am not sure I can do that again. I mean obviously you do if you have to, but I am very afraid of repeating that. I think his size was a big factor in this.

Anyhow, I am not decided on anything, but figured I'd put out some feelers and find out a little more info.

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