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November 16th, 2009, 03:10 PM
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crap..I just had a whole thing typed out and accidentally deleted it! Dang it.

Ok..let's try agian...

For hemorrhage...I was given angelica to put under my tongue as long as I could stand had a burning sensation (this was at a birthing center btw)....I was never classified as hemorrhage but they were concerned....but also they had pitocen injections there if needed for hemorrhage stopping...

as for GD...Really it depends on how you were tested....they can treat it yes....but I dont think the way they test in the regular practices is very midwife had me eat a large meal (and if I eat sweets make sure some part of it was sugared) and then an hour later they pricked my finger and did a diabetes blood test on a test strip just like someone who has diabetes would test. They also tested my iron levels from the same tiny little prick....and that was it...THAT is accurate...drinking sugar syrup is not!

But yes...I believe diet and nutrition would MAJORLY help you in this matter...

that is all I can address from your list...I'm in the NTNP mode right now...and my birthing center I used when I delivered Olive is closing so I cannot use them next homebirth is my only option outside of hospital (which I WILL NOT DO) I have to convince dh as well...good luck!!!!
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We aren't to give a baby milk, berries, or peanut butter. We are to introduce new foods one at a time. But it's OK to inject several viruses, bacteria, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, animal serum, mercury, squalene and more into an 8 week old? I don't think so.
In order to be healthy it is an unfortunate fact that people must be allowed the opportunity to be ill. I trust my body and those of my children to work correctly against the relatively benign diseases they vax for, and do not trust the ingredients in the vaccinations.
Our choice to not vax isn't based in ignorance, poverty, conspiracy theory and rumor. It's research, common sense, fact and evidence based..something the medical community has largely forgot about.
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