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November 16th, 2009, 04:55 PM
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We have a local OB office where you can get an elective u/s. They say they don't do diagnoses at them, but if the tech saw something that concerned them they would contact your midwife. Here, midwives have backup OBs. So for anything else like a diagnostic u/s, if you may need a D&C, etc, they would refer you to the OB they work with. I had a m/c with my current midwife, but I wanted to m/c naturally, so when I had some spotting, we did a wait-and-see. I started fully bleeding the next day. I was also 10 1/2 wks, so we were going to try a doppler in a couple of weeks. Had we not heard a heartbeat and if I had not started bleeding, I would have been referred to the OB for an u/s. Also, my midwife herself had a couple of m/c, and the emotional support throughout that experience and the beginning of my current pregnancy was beyond what I feel I may have gotten from most OBs. However, that is just my experience. I haven't had RPL and I have had only one child, so I know that my situation isn't very similar to yours.

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