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November 16th, 2009, 05:43 PM
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Ultrasounds - Can you get an u/s and if so how does that work?

We got our ultrasound at 18 weeks (and one with our NST at 41 weeks). There is an independent sonographer in our area who works with all the midwives and several OB practices. She did ours and our midwife interpreted the results, just like an OB would. We also could have gone to an OBs office to get it.

Miscarriage - I hate saying this one, but what if I have a m/c. Do midwives refer you to an OB if you miscarry? I would seriously hate to call up a new doc post miscarriage just to be seen for that. I suppose I could go to a family practice, but that seems kind of awkward and weird as well.

Well, it would depend. I believe most midwives here let you miscarry naturally. Probably because that is how most midwife clients prefer to do it. If there was some reason that you couldn't/wouldn't though, most of the midwives would send you to a midwife-friendly OB.

How do midwives determine you have had a m/c and what would they do if you had no fetal heart tones (at any point in pregnancy)?

If you have no fetal heart tones after they should definitely be picked up by doppler, the midwife would send you for an ultrasound. If you refuse doppler (some/many midwife clients do), they would suspet m/c based on bleeding, lack of movement, and lack of growth and send you for an ultrasound.

L&D - I seen a couple posts while lurking here about being sent to L&D to be checked. How the heck does that work if your midwife isn't at the hospital? Do they just pick some random doctor at the hospital to treat you and how do you deal with not having anyone give you a hard time about it?

The midwives I know will only send you to L&D if they 1) suspect a problem that is out of their scope, or 2) you are going into labor before 37 weeks or whenever they are allowed to attend you. A GOOD midwife will come hold your hand and act as a doula if going to L&D to get checked results in being admitted. It is a VERYgood question to ask when interviewing midwives. Yes, often you will get grief about it. If you choose homebirth, be prepared to get grief from everyone, every step of the way. You just have to be strong in your convictions and remind yourself of the reasons you made the decision.

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