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November 16th, 2009, 08:53 PM
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Ultrasounds - I live in the same area as Kellie - we have the ultrasound lady who all the midwives use if their patients want one. There is also a birthing center that will do them. AND I spoke with our family doctor a while ago so she was on board with this pregnancy, home birth, and seeing the baby afterwards. After I found out about my low lying placenta, I needed another ultrasound, I decided to ask the doctor to order me one (so insurance would pay it up front). So, she did and I had it at the hospital. So, there are ways.

Miscarriage - I've had 5 now. I guess this is where I go both ways I had a hard time getting pregnant this last time, so I went to an OB. I figured after I got pregnant, I'd switch right over to my midwife. But, I lost the baby. I went to the OB to have testing done (that one was my 4th). When I got pregnant again, I went back to the OB for the blood work. I knew it would get done quicker. Then I lost that baby. I got pregnant the next cycle and that one stuck. I went to the OB at 5 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks for all the testing and ultrasounds. I made sure there was a heartbeat. And then I switched to the midwife and talked to my family doctor. The last two miscarriages I had, the midwife was there for me on the phone and in emails, but I had no reason to see her.

I think if my midwife didn't hear the heart beat, she'd send me right to the hospital. Same with L&D, if something came up, she'd send me to the hospital or to a doctor. I think you usually get who is on call.

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