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November 16th, 2009, 11:18 PM
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Good luck convincing your DH!

I know my midwife had Pitocin and herbs (forget which) for hemorrhaging.

My MWs did test for GD there were 2 choices of tests to use- the basic fasting blood sugar test or the glucose drink/test. My MWs also monitored my eating at every appt. had to keep track the day before an appointment of what I ate. Which I know helped keep me eating healthy. And I know GD can totally be controlled by diet/nutrition, which is the way most MWs go! As they are for all natural remedies not medications and what not. Just like how there's herbs and supplements you can take if you are Strep B positive, the IV antibiotics is not needed

Pain management- I highly recommend a water birth- that sooooo helped me!! I was in labor for 25 hours, the last 3.5 were spent in the water pool, which helped me relax which sped by labor and made it so easier to push and I didn't even tear. Massage, hot compresses, hypnobirthing, music, mediating, moaning/groaning are also other great pain relievers. We also did perineal massages starting around 32 weeks to help stretch out the perinum to prevent tearing which I believe helped as well. I have heard of a glass of wine in labor is sometimes recommened by MWs to help relax you.

GL on TTC and convincing yoru DH

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