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November 17th, 2009, 11:44 AM
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Ultrasounds - Can you get an u/s and if so how does that work?

Ditto to what the other ladies said. My midwife would write a prescription for an ultrasound, then I'd call my local hospital and set up the ultrasound The radiologist would then send my results to my midwife.

Miscarriage - I hate saying this one, but what if I have a m/c. Do midwives refer you to an OB if you miscarry? I would seriously hate to call up a new doc post miscarriage just to be seen for that. I suppose I could go to a family practice, but that seems kind of awkward and weird as well.

I had an ovarian pregnancy in May, and when I went to the ER, I did have the on call OB who did my surgery. My midwives visited me afterwards and helped me in the recovery process. I honestly don't know how they handle an m/c while you are receiving prenatal care from them. I do know that my midwives do have OBs that they have worked with, so I assume they woul refer me to one of them for any OB care I may require.
How do midwives determine you have had a m/c and what would they do if you had no fetal heart tones (at any point in pregnancy)?

L&D - I seen a couple posts while lurking here about being sent to L&D to be checked. How the heck does that work if your midwife isn't at the hospital? Do they just pick some random doctor at the hospital to treat you and how do you deal with not having anyone give you a hard time about it?

In the event of a transfer, my midwives would attend my birth as doulas and would remain for my post partum care. We would have the on call OB when we got to the hospital, and I assume there might be some doctors that would give us a hard time about having a home birth. I think its just something that will always happen as long as their is a stigma around home birth.

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