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November 17th, 2009, 03:12 PM
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Well... this doctor really isn't my cup of tea.

I get there & she starts asking for documents. Documents that I brought w/ me at the meeting that we initially had. She said "that's a bible of documents"... she added that she didn't have time to go through it all now & even though I had signed release forms from all of Cooper's doctors previously so that she "would" have access to my "bible" she didn't have them.

She actually said again... "I don't have the assessments from his OT/PT & Speech therapists"... she added how she didn't have this & that... I stopped her & said "you know what? the first meeting we had, you didn't have anything, even though I made sure that everything was set up & released. Now I am here for a second time & you claim once again you have nothing? I don't understand what the problem is but this is a waste of our time if you don't have any documents or haven't done any research on him"... She said "well, I would appreciate if you could contact ____ & get me these documents"...
I just snapped. I was like "you know what? I've done EVERYTHING, and this has NEVER happened before, same hospital, same child, all the other specialists have his information w/ out error yet you have nothing?"

Long story short, she put him on a medication b/c she believes that his seizures that last anywhere from 24 hours to a few days, is a migraine & nothing else. I do not believe her, I KNOW, in my heart, that there's something else wrong. And it's not b/c I want him to have something wrong, but I can tell, and it's in my instinct. My instinct has never brought me to a wrong direction in the past but for some reason, I am forced to insist that she's out of her rocker. I told her over & over again "can you please speak up? I have hearing loss & I'm having a hard time understanding you.

I'm about to have major surgery on Monday (this upcoming)... so until I can get another referral to another Neurologist, I'll have to wait but I am done w/ this one. I really don't feel like she cares much & her attitude was basically "next"... (like in line to see the next patient).


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