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November 19th, 2009, 12:37 PM
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I nurse and am pregnant? I notice that the last couple days I have been STARVING!!!!!!!!! I wasn't this way with my first. I don't if it's cause I am making milk, preggo, and need nutrients for myself so it's harder work, or if it's cause it's a different sex this time or what! But I just wanted to do what's best. I am not a believer in "eat all you want cause you gotta excuse being preggo" I like to stay healthy but I DO wanna eat *enough* for my personal needs. So how do I know when to give into these urges? I know if i JUST ate a meal 30 minutes ago and then start getting the major hunger pains, it can't be that I need to eat again, can it? And do I need more vitamins than just my reg prenatal? I hope someone can help...all dr's seem to wanna just tell you to wean. I plan to nurse my 18month till she is 2 and who knows..maybe she will wanna stop before then. Thanks!!!!!!!
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