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November 19th, 2009, 03:35 PM
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9:18am 11/19/09
7lbs 15oz

Okay, where to start... my due date was the 11th, so going a week overdue was pretty miserable NO ONE expected me to go late and it was kinda frustrating, but it turns out this little baby is/was perfectly baked, no sign of being overdue or anything.

I had a lot of early labor and prelabor contractions with her, which I never had with my other two girls, so that added to the frustration. But the morning of the 18th I started having some spotting and contractions that felt "different". They tapered off and restarted around 12:30pm. All afternoon I lost pieces of mucus plug and continued having contractions, but by about 5pm they also had tapered off to about 10-20 minutes apart.

Went to bed about 11pm and had a few contractions that woke me, but it wasn't until around 2:30ish am that they started to really pick up. At that point Contractions started coming pretty consistently 3-5 minutes apart and some pretty strong. My birth ball was a HUGE blessing during this part of labor, I sat on that thing for HOURS.

About 4am I tried to wake up DH but he didn't drag himself out of bed until 5 Got him setting up the tub and he apologized for not cleaning the kitchen like I asked him the night before.... he regretted it cause now he couldn't hook up the hose because of all the dirty dishes LOL. About 5:30 I got a super strong contraction that convinced me to call my midwife, she got to the house a little after 6 and helped getting the tub set up and filled. She checked me and I was only 4cm, which was little discouraging (I was already 3-4 the day before). But baby was really low and already +1 station.

She had me walk around to get contractions picking up more and then after a while I got in the tub. DH called my mom and sisters to come over since the girls were waking up and starting to bother me. Nola kept bumping into the tub over and over which was reeeeeally annoying! At some point the MW checked me again and I was 5cm (around 7:30am I think) and baby was +3.

About this time i lost all track of time or what was going on around me. Labor got REALLY intense and I found myself humming through contractions and changing position a lot. Probably around 8:45-9:00 MW checked me again and I was 7cm. She called the assistant to head on over. A little after 9 I started some practice pushing with contractions (hey, it felt right/good!). MW was a little worried about me doing that since she had just checked me at 7, so I tried my best not to. She had been putting counter pressure on my lower back, but at that point had to stop cause it made not pushing nearly impossible.

9:15 ish the pushing really started and Kya came flying out at 9:18. She had a really short cord so it was difficult to hold her while letting the cord pulse a bit longer. About 10 minutes later we cut the cord and I delivered the placenta as the assistant walked in the door she missed the whole thing!

Courtney and Nola absolutely LOVED watching the baby be born. Courtney exclaimed "I see the babies head!!" when it emerged. Both are totally in love with her. Courtney got to make the gender announcement (which at first she got wrong because the little bit of pulling from the short cord made the skin around it pull out and look a bit like a penis )

Recovery has been great so far, no tears, just a couple little skidmarks. And (tmi) I'm extremely happy to report NO Hemorrhoids!! I had them so incredibly bad with my last two births and not having them is making the recovery soooooo much better. Other than the normal cramping and achiness I'm doing great. Kya took a bit to latch on, but nursed really great after birth. She's still snoozing so she has yet to have her second meal.

don't have many pics uploaded yet and there is video to come

Right after birth:

about an hour later:

Kellisa, Mama to:
Courtney, Nola, Kya, Whitney, and baby girl #5 coming soon!
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