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November 19th, 2009, 08:25 PM
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I'm sooooooooooo FN P-O'ed at the passport service company we used to get DS passport within 24-48 hours.

We needed his passport ASAP so DH could get his work to start his work visa as it takes like 4 weeks and they want him to start we went to a passport service company that we had to pay for their rushing service. We went on Saturday they said we'd have his passport Tuesday evening, so we paid for the 24-48 hour processing...along with the passport book fee and card fee to have. Since we didn't get his passport Tuesday evening like we were told and what we paid for, I'm obivously PO'ed we paid for something we didn't get and having to go to the federal building twice. We got his passport 20 hours later than what they said/we paid for. So wrong! They didn't even call DH to tell him it was on hold. DH called them cause I was on my way to go pick it up. Ridiclous!

When we did get his passport there was no passport card just the book. ***?? We paid for that too!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

So needless to say we're pissed. I'M SOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!! this is soooo not fair or right. So i emailed the company complaining and asking for a refund....(we paid $169 for the 24-48 hours and $35 for the card) Get this...the dude said he'd refund us $20!!!! WTH?!?!?!?!??!?

Man I'm even MORE mad now!!!

How does this email sound back???

"My husband was only informed right away about this because he called! If he didn't call we wouldn't have known and would have gone down there to pick up a passport that was not done. His passport was supposed to be completed on Tuesday evening.

Honestly, a refund of $20 is not good enough. We should be refunded the difference of the cost between the 24-48 hour passport processing fee and the 5 day one since it took 68 hours to get his passport. We paid $169 to get his passport within 24-48 hours NOT 68 hours. the 5 day processing fee of $125. $125 from $169 is $44. That should be the least amount you should be refunding us....NOT $20 measly dollars.

We also need to be refunded the cost of the passport card, $35, since we did NOT receive it but we PAID for it. You can't just expect a $20 refund to be good enough especially when we paid for something that cost us $35 that we did not receive. That is just ridiculous and not fair on so many levels.

So we should and need to be refunded the $44 difference and the $35 for the card we did not receive which totals to $79, that is THE LEASE you should do for us. Honestly I would be expecting a FULL refund....but I can see you are being to rude and inconsiderate and have very bad customer service to give us a FULL refund like other companies would do. So please at our request we demand a refund of $79.

Lindsey ____"

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