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November 21st, 2009, 09:52 AM
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TY, I still feel annoyed when I think about this. One of her comments was "he has to go to school eventually"... I felt like saying "since when does a doctor tell a patient that they have to go to school? I mean, what if I was homeschooling my kids (I'm not but if it came down to Cooper's medical needs being met ONLY if he was homeschooled, that's what I'd do, if I had too, what ever it takes for my kid's health). My 9 & 12 year old are in public schools & I have never tried to keep my kids home. Hello? I want my kids to go school, I need that break, believe me. So her comment/suggestion on me bringing my kid to school, NONE OF HER BUSINESS. Then to act like "next" & say she has no documents, what's w/ that? I mean, really?

Now I'm about to have surgery (Monday) & I can't start calling all the therapists & get all these papers released (for the 3rd time) b/c she has this issue w/ not getting the papers? I am so sorry, but I do NOT believe her at all. I think she's lying, I think she has the documents but doesn't know where they are OR there are so many documents that she is overwhelmed w/ the whole thing. I "could" understand the lack of documents the 1st time, but that STILL wouldn't have been a reason b/c I brought the documents w/ me on top of giving the releases, so not only were they in front of her, they were there for her to see, in black & white. Why would I waste my time like that? Why would I drive an hour, one way, take my kids into a hospital & waste my money & time for nothing? Who would do that? I have to see enough therapists & specialists that the last thing I have is extra time. KWIM?

I guess this "issue" will have to wait until I am recovered & able to pick-up where I left off last week. Until then, answers.

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