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November 21st, 2009, 09:44 PM
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I'll share how we did things. My daughter is 9mo old, and breastfed as well. We started solids at 6mo also.

What do I start with. Rice cereal? Oatmeal? Other cereal? Do I give it to him in a bowl or feed it to him in a bottle? I skipped cereal all together, and started with bananas, followed by sweet potatoes.

When do I introduce fruit/veggies? As in, can I right away or should I wait a week or something after I start the cereal?
A good rule of thumb is to wait 4-5 days between new foods, so you can catch an allergy or negative reaction. Some people think you should go with veggies first. I am not sure it really matters.

How much cereal? How often? How much fruit/veggies? How often? I can't help you with the cereal question, since we didnt use it. I made Brianna's food, and started her off with up to an ounce at dinner of fruit and veggie (one frozen cube is ~an ounce). I would recommend you start slow, so his body can adjust. Maybe not even everyday. He will let you know. I always fed her about an hour after she nursed.

When do I introduce a new food? Do I only give him one food for a week and then introduce another? I seem to remember reading something like that.
this is a good idea, so you can identify a problem food.

Are there are vitamins or something I need to give him? Fluoride drops or vitamin D? I think the ped will discuss this with us at his 6 month appt, but I am feeling overwhelmed. This depends on your diet, the climate of where you live (does he get any sun), and the type of water in the area.

What about water? Do you give you baby water? In a sippy cup? I read somewhere a 6 month old should use a sippy cup. I thought only bigger kids did that not babies. Brianna just started drinking water a few weeks ago. She drinks out of a straw cup (made by Playtex). She got off the bottle at 7 months (she gets EBM when I am at work). She did not like a sippy cup, but took to the straw cup like a champ. If you are BFing, he doesn't necessarily need water for hydration, but small sips here and there at his age, may help him practice using a cup.

Last question - what time of day should I offer him solids? Right now he wakes to eat around 5am, is up for the day at 7 or 9, and then he will not eat again until 11. He just isn't hungry no matter how much I try.
He must be feeling very fulfilled on mommy's milk. I found Brianna was most receptive to solids in the evening when everyone else was revving up to eat. What time of day is he most alert and playful?

I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck, and have the video camera ready :-)
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