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November 22nd, 2009, 06:06 AM
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Hello chickie

Don't feel stressed by it as your stress will spill over to Jack. Just go by Jack's flow and take things at his pace. If he doesn't manage the first day, it's ok, just try again the next day, etc. Kirsty still has bad days with eating, but I've found if I get frustrated it makes her very stubborn and she refuses even more! My thinking now is, if she is hungry, she will eat!

What do I start with. Rice cereal? Oatmeal? Other cereal? Do I give it to him in a bowl or feed it to him in a bottle?
The way I did it was give milk for breakfast, milk for lunch then about 30-60mins afterwards a little taste of solids - spoonfeed, not in a bottle.
Basically, start with whatever you feel is right for Jack, lots of people start with rice, I did for a few days then I moved Kirsty onto pear. I felt better about feeding her things I make myself.

There's a few foods which can contribute to constipation: rice, apple, carrot, banana. That's not to say they will cause constipation, but just so you are aware. With beginning solids, he is bound to suffer a bit of constipation - he's had a liquid diet all his life so far. It's a big change.

When do I introduce fruit/veggies? As in, can I right away or should I wait a week or something after I start the cereal?
This is up to you, if you wanted to skip rice cereal and go to fuirt/veg, try it and see how Jack does with it.

How much cereal? How often? How much fruit/veggies? How often?
To beging with he will only need 1-2 tsps, which christy is right in saying is approx 1 ice cube amount if you wanted to cook & freeze things (easier to freeze in ice cube trays as it's perfect portion sizes!)

To begin with only offer foods once per day. Once he seems to be coping fine with that you can increase to twice a day, then three times a day, and from there start increasing the portion sizes offered.

I did it in week blocks, week 1 was lunch only,week 2 was breakfast & evening dinner (so Kirsty's tummy had a milk feed in between and had a rest), week 3 was breakfast, lunch & dinner. You don't have to do it as quick as this though, Jack will only take what he is hungry for so if he doesn't want to increase, that's fine, wait a few days and try again.

When do I introduce a new food? Do I only give him one food for a week and then introduce another? I seem to remember reading something like that.
I was advised to try a new food no less than every 2 days, some people wait longer, again go by Jack and how you feel.

Are there are vitamins or something I need to give him? Fluoride drops or vitamin D? I think the ped will discuss this with us at his 6 month appt, but I am feeling overwhelmed.
I can't really comment on this... in the UK no such supplements are discussed or advised. I would ask your ped first. Remember milk is his main source of nutrition... therefore he shouldn't need anything extra.

What about water? Do you give you baby water? In a sippy cup? I read somewhere a 6 month old should use a sippy cup. I thought only bigger kids did that not babies.
I started offering Kirsty a cup at around 5 months, it took her a long time to master it which is quite normal, the flow and sucking action is very different to that of breast/bottle. Try him with one! Use cooled, boiled water so you know it is safe. If he struggles with a cup, try giving him it to play with whilst it is empty, so he can explore it during funtime then he can get the hang of it.

Last question - what time of day should I offer him solids? Right now he wakes to eat around 5am, is up for the day at 7 or 9, and then he will not eat again until 11. He just isn't hungry no matter how much I try.
I think I answered this in the how much/how often section That's fine if he has a decent gap between, remember to start with, solids aren't a meal, just a taste.

I hope some of this helps, but do come back and let us know how he is doing I can't believe Jack is 5 months already, it's really quite frightening how fast time flies!!! Kirsty is almost 10 months... How did that happen!!!
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