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November 23rd, 2009, 03:11 PM
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Shocking I know, sorry.... I think I must be peaking in pregnancy hormones or something this week because everything is setting me off and this was the first week where I felt like I lost control more then once.

So.... long story semi shorter. We moved to NJ three years ago this December from MI so DH could take a job in NYC. It was a huge move for us since we didn't/don't know anyone here and both grew up our whole lives in MI. The house price was more then double the cost of the house we sold and though his salary also increased a good deal we also had to add in commute costs and just the reality of him working in NYC and the expense of eating lunches there and taxi's etc so while we're lucky to still be debt free our savings is very small. We always planned on this being on a couple year thing, and then we'd move home. Of course then the economy crashed and hit MI especially hard.

DH hates the commute and has been home sick since we moved. He's looked into various offers over the past year and nothing has panned out. He has agreed to transfer to TX with his current company and they have given him until next July to sell the house and move. At the same time he doesn't want to move to TX so he's been checking out other opportunities and has an offer for another job in NYC anytime he wants (he told them after the 1st of the year). To make things even more fun this past week a very large company in MI has expressed interest in him and he is due to fly to MI on Dec 11th to meet with everyone and then can expect an offer.

At the same time since we purchased at the height of the market and house prices dropped here much like the rest of the country we don't have enough equity in our home to afford to pay an agent to list it, heck we'll be lucky to get what we owe on it. We've had it FSBO since July though with it only listed on and craigslist the only interest we've gotten is from realtors harassing us to list with them (this is another whole rant, if one more comes here and wastes my time after we politely explain that we CAN'T afford to pay more then 2.5% buyer agent commission and will be lucky to get what we owe on the house...). So he promised me he would let me know by the first week in December if we were going to continue to try to sell the house and move or if we were going to stay put. Let's be honest I'm only getting bigger and less able to pack or move each day, and I'm a huge planner who is very type A and needs to get things ready as soon as possible either for a move or the nursery for the baby.

I can't take being in limbo... and now I have at least another month before we'd even expect an offer for the MI company and then we STILL have to try to sell this house. I don't know if I should pretend we're moving and use the last bit of energy I have organizing things and packing things we don't need right now or if I should assume we won't and move forward with the nursery... How am I going to move at 7+ months pregnant if we even managed to sell this thing? I have 2 big dogs, a cat, over 100gallons of very $ saltwater fish & corals and a 1800sq ft home with a additional full packed garage, attic, and basement. AARRGGGHHH

This is one time I really wish I could have a big glass of wine.

Thanks for reading this novel I wrote an letting me just get it out there.
~ Candi
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