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November 23rd, 2009, 03:37 PM
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I hate that you're stuck in limbo with the job and house market. If I were you, I'd assume that you'll continue to have the house listed. Maybe don't continue packing things away, but try not to bring new stuff in. It's tough not knowing where your family is going to be in the next few months. I hope everything works out in the end!

ETA: Chelle's suggestion of a short sale is a possibility if you want more stress. I'm a real estate agent and I try to avoid short sales if at all possible. It's one thing if it's short a few thousand and you guys can personally make up the difference. It's a different story if you want the mortgage company to cover the difference. If you went that route and got a contract immediately, the closing can take several months (possibly as much as six). It's nearly impossible to get an answer from the mortgage company if there is a viable offer on the home. A good friend has several short sale listings and she and the homeowners can't get an answer from the bank as to what kind of offer they would accept. Most of the time a short sale isn't worth it. I'd consider staying put vs. selling short.

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