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November 23rd, 2009, 07:25 PM
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1DPO - Temp rise confirms O! Tender breasts.
2DPO - Breasts still tender, a little moody today...
3DPO - Temp dip today VERY moody, tender breasts, a little nausea?? Odd...
4DPO - Temp back up a bit today... Cramps & breast tenderness STILL. IPS in full swing!
5DPO - Temp WAY up this morning! Irritable, breasts still tender, constipation gone but cramps still there... I've been hungry CONSTANTLY! FF gave me 36 preggo points today
6DPO - Not many symptoms during the day, bad headache in the evening... DH opened a can of Salt & Vinegar Pringles in the truck, I had to drive with my head out the window until he closed them because they smelled so gross! Like fish! Then nasal congestion from about 11PM on, when I went to bed.
7DPO - Nasal congestion STILL here. Headache milder, but still here... Big temp dip today Very fatigued, sore back, lots of cramps... Almost feels like AF is on her way
8DPO Sore BBs, tired... Not much else. Some cramping...
9DPO BBs STILL sore... Headache gone, very tired still...
10DPO Tested, got an evap/BFN... Not many symptoms today **turns out this was a BFP!**
11DPO Sore BBs and tired, but not much else... Peeing lots today.
12DPO BFP! 3 of them, including one in the afternoon! Beta draw today! Cramps, sore BBs, very tired...
13DPO Cramps, lots of creamy CM and very high/soft CP, sore BBs, very increased sex drive LOL

Big huge hugz and thanks to tasha_mae for my beautiful siggy!

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