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November 24th, 2009, 03:11 AM
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In January of 2006, an 17, I found out I was pregnant. I was a junior in high school and Nathan(who I am not engaged to) was 20. We were super scared, but excited at the same time. His family gave us hell and mine wasn't happy, but accepted it for what it was. I had my first u/s at almost 7 weeks. A few weeks after I started cramping and called, made a Dr apt and when I went in I found out my baby "expired" at 8w 2d. Him and I were devastated. The Dr I had was an ***** and the wording he used for everything was sick. I had my mom take us to this apt and the Dr told me I HAD to have a D&C there was no other way. I was going through WW10 with my Dad and he didn't want to help me pay for the D&C, I had NO insurance at the time because Dad was in between jobs. I went to the ER to see if they could do anything, it was my first time experiencing this and I had no idea what was going on. They told me I could miscarry on my own, but failed to tell me how painful it would be. I was home the night it all happened, alone. It was miserable. My baby passed March 10, 2006. MY EDD was October 28,2006.

After that I wanted a baby SOOO bad. We tried and DTD so much I surprised I would walk everyday. At the end of 2006 I found out I was pregnant again and had a new Dr. I miscarried January 27, 2007 at 8w. I was due August 28, 2007.

I kept telling these Dr's something wasn't right. I have heavy, painful periods. They all told me BC would help it all and make the problems go away. I went on it and it made me SO sick!

In May 2008 me and Nathan broke up and then got back together in the summer of this year. We both talked about babies but said that we couldn't really afford it right now, but also didn't prevent anything. When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited and so was my mom and his mom. My Dr put me on prometrium and had me taking a baby aspirin a day. I was scared and I knew I was scared for a reason. This is when I came back to JM and decided to join June DDC against my gut instinct. When the spotting started and then the bleeding I knew what happened but didn't want to be told. The same day I went to the Dr was the night it all happened. When it started I thought it would be over in no time boy was I wrong. Hours later the pain kept getting worse to the point that I couldn't stand it anymore. I had Nathan get my mom who when she seen me called 911. TMI here but I kept having bowel movements. I was bleeding really bad, more than the other two times. I had a horrible paramedic that was on his 2nd day, he tried to stick me in the hand with the IV, dug around got nothing, so he went to my arm, dug around and got it. He put the tape on so dang tight, like I wasn't already in enough pain. When I got to ER the Dr checked me and the Dr had to remove the sac from my cervix because it closed around it. They then put a Foley in me and send me for u/s. I argued the stupid Foley because them things are HORRIBLE!!

I kept telling the morons in ER that this is my 3rd loss && my Dr wants everything tested. When I went back to Dr they didn't test diddly. I was so mad!!!

She referred me to a Dr out of the University of Chicago, who she worked with and told me was awesome. I do not fear her sending me to someone horrible because my Dr is phenomenal. She also referred me to a therapist and gave me sleeping meds. Nathan and I are now playing on a court house wedding sometime in 2010. People are kind of looking down on me because of but I know him and I are going to be together for a long time to come so why not. We do plan on having a nice ceremony sometime after, like a vowel renewal.

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