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November 30th, 2009, 04:51 AM
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Okay, I emailed 2 CPMs before finding the CNM that I made an appt with. Well, one CPM emailed back and basically dismissed my concerns about hemorrhaging and acted like the meds I got were just standard. (I know they weren't standard because the plan was to not have an IV in and I didn't have one in until after I started hemorrhaging and I also know what my hemoglobin levels were.) Anyhow, the second midwife emailed back yesterday and this is what she sent me.

From the information gathered from your e-mail you are at a higher risk
for a homebirth. Furthermore I can understatnd your husband's reluctance in considering homebirth as an option of care.
From my experience the responsibilities involved in having a successful
homebirth entail the support of the husband and that the pregnancy be low risk.
I have finally got my dh on board, all be it reluctantly, and now getting this has me really discouraged. I have never considered myself high risk and never been transferred to the doctors from the midwives in my practice. I am really hoping because she is a CNM and can bring meds to the delivery that she will see me. It hadn't even occurred to me that she would not see me. Have any of you had any experience with being turned away from a midwife? Can you all keep your fingers crossed for me that she will see me? I really want to do this now and have got my heart set on it.

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