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November 30th, 2009, 12:28 PM
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This is just my opinion but I think given the situation your husband needs you to support him. Obviously what she said hurt him and although I haven't read your other posts about it, it sounds like its been building up to this for a while and the volcano has exploded. No stopping it now. There is always the possibility that in the future she will get help and realize that things just got ridiculous. Then it will be her responsibility to contact her son and try to mend the fence.

I say this because I have issues with my mom. Luckily (I know this sounds harsh, but I moved for a reason) she lives almost 900 miles away and I don't actually have to see her. She's done everything from steal money from me, to let her step kids steal from myself and my husband, take money as support from us then turn it around on us and say we owe her money, did drugs, reported my vehicle (that she gave to me 6 years prior to my move) stolen when I moved.. you get the idea. Anyway, I made the decision upon the occurence of the last incident to not talk to her anymore. Its impacted everyone a lot and she has started to see that she messed up.. big time.. and has started contacting me again. All through this my husband has had the stance of "I want us to get along with your Mom, but I will support your decision." I can't tell you what strength that's given me in certain instances.

Our situations aren't really that similar, but your support will mean a lot to him. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope that they don't win any of their law suits because it just seems ridiculous to me for them to sue you guys.

Just wanted to add.. on the off chance that they DO get any type of visitation (fingers crossed that they don't!) - fight for supervised visitation until you can get rid of it all together.
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