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December 1st, 2009, 07:58 AM
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We had a great experience having my older two girls at the birth. Labor started in the middle of the night and they were only awake for the last 2 hours of it.

Nola is 2.5 and she was very interested in what was going on. She wanted desperately to get in the tub with me! She was a little "too" interested though and kept circling the tub. Every time she bumped into it the water would move and make my belly move which made contractions very difficult to stay on top of, so eventually she was carted off to her room. She came back out at the end to watch the baby actually be born and she was FASCINATED. She still talks about it!

Courtney is 4. She was in the room when Nola was born 2 years ago so she had some idea what was going on. Plus she LOVES watching birth videos so she was pretty well prepared. She was doing well during the labor, but ended up going to her room to play when my sisters took Nola back there. When the baby was born she was super excited and shouted out when she saw the baby's head emerge. If you ask her about it now she'll tell you excitedly "the baby POKED its little head out!" We also assigned her the job of announcing the gender. She really liked having something that was just for her to do.

For me, I really think being a part of the process helps a TON with transitioning from baby-in-belly to the real thing. We've had very little issues with jealousy or anything and all-in-all its been a super smooth transition so far!
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