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December 1st, 2009, 11:25 AM
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Well, we couldn't really agree on any of the names in our other list and this weekend came across a different name that we both like. I really liked Canton, Pecos (pronounced pay-cuss like the river), and Cannon or Kannon. But, for one reason or another Mike was against them. Anyway, I was looking through a magazine this weekend and saw an add for Bohlin Saddlemakers and Silversmiths. I really like Bohlin, had heard it before but guess I needed to see it. There's also a country singer named Jason Bolin, but I like the H in the first spelling better. To my surprise, Mike really likes it too. So we're thinking Bohlin Tate. Not 100% sure, but it's definitely the front-runner for now.

I'm sure it's not going to be a fav name for most of you, but is there anything negative you think of when you hear it? Like someone mentioned Chinese food when I asked about Canton lol. Just wondering if I've missed anything with Bohlin. Only thing I'm worried about is nicknames which I tend not to like anyway. I don't want people to call him Bo, if I wanted to name him that I would have ya know?!?

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