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December 2nd, 2009, 09:52 AM
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Well ladies...that annoying pain I had last Monday came back last night...the pain is centralized around my belly button and next to my belly button on the sides...last week I thought it was a muscle spasm from painting and steam-cleaning and my OB said to take it easy.

Last night in the shower the pain came back...I felt my stomach and pelvic area and it didn't feel "tight" all over...just really hurt in this spot...I had to bend forward again to help w/the pain. I had hot water on my stomach to soothe the aches and that helped a little. I crawled into bed and stayed on my left side adn I'm fine today.

I'm wondering if this pain is because my uterus is moving upward and stretching?

In the March DDC, another women posted something similiar to my post and all the responses were "round ligament pain".

When I was at my 20 w appt., my ob said that my uterus was now at my belly button and I will now be growing upward (she stopped right under by bb) and outward.

It's exciting if it's stretching b/c that means Alyssa is growing
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