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December 3rd, 2009, 02:28 PM
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I've been rubbing mine all the time lately, mostly w/o even realizing it but also to clue people in that "hey I'm pregnant, not just fat" LOL and also because 1/2 the time lately its freaking sore from growing/stretching and pushing/rubbing on it makes it feel better. I'm also all for nursing mom's nursing anywhere they want, my IL's and DH's family were so anti nursing and expected me to usher myself and my newborn upstairs or in a back bedroom... I loved nursing her right in front of them w/o them even realizing it and then watching when they realized it's what she had been doing (just me being a bit sadistic though I suppose), but I always smile at any nursing moms I see and actually realize I have to make sure I don't stare, not to be rude or weird but just because after nusing my own DD for so long I see it as such a beautiful thing.
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